How to create custom, dynamic string sequence in SQL Server

How to create custom, dynamic string sequence in SQL Server

By : Gordon
Date : November 20 2020, 11:01 PM
I wish did fix the issue. An IDENTITY column might have gaps. Just imagine an insert which is rollbacked out of any reason...
You could use ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY CONVERT(VARCHAR(6),OrderDate,112) ORDER BY OrderDate) in order to start a sorted numbering starting with 1 for each month. What will be best is depending on the following question: Are there parallel insert operations?
code :
INSERT INTO OrderType VALUES(1,'Normal Order','NO')
                           ,(2,'Special Order','SO');
CREATE FUNCTION dbo.OrderCaption(@OrderTypeID INT,@OrderDate DATETIME,@OrderID INT)
         + '/' + CAST(YEAR(@OrderDate) AS VARCHAR(4))
         + '/' + REPLACE(STR(MONTH(@OrderDate),2),' ','0')
         + '/' + REPLACE(STR(@OrderID,5),' ','0')

    ,OrderTypeID INT NOT NULL --foreign key...
    ,Caption AS dbo.OrderCaption(OrderTypeID,OrderDate,ID)

INSERT INTO YourOrder(OrderDate,OrderTypeID)
VALUES({ts'2016-01-01 23:23:00'},1)
     ,({ts'2016-02-02 12:12:00'},2)

ID  OrderDate               OrderTypeID     Caption
1   2016-01-01 23:23:00.000      1          NO/2016/01/00001
2   2016-02-02 12:12:00.000      2          SO/2016/02/00002
3   2016-10-23 23:16:23.990      1          NO/2016/10/00003

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How to create key-value string sequence from another plain sequence in XPath 2.0

How to create key-value string sequence from another plain sequence in XPath 2.0

By : user3701865
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
will be helpful for those in need I needs an XSLT function to create key-value strings sequence ( 'key1_val1', 'key2_val2', 'key3_val3' ) from plain strings sequence ( 'key1', 'val1', 'key2', 'val2', 'key3', 'val3' ). , You are looking for
code :
for $i in (1 to count($seq))[. mod 2 = 1] return concat($seq[$i], '_', $seq[$i + 1])
How can I create a map<String, Dynamic> for Firestore with Lists of custom class Objects?

How can I create a map<String, Dynamic> for Firestore with Lists of custom class Objects?

By : leo
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
this one helps. I'm trying to add persistence to my app using firestore. It seems ace, but I've hit a bump in the road, and googling seems to be failing me. I think this may be more of a dart question than firestore, so please edit as you see fit! , Create a List of Map
code :
returnMap['attributeHistory'] = attributeHistory.map((attribute) {
  Map<String,dynamic> attributeMap = new Map<String,dynamic>();
  attributeMap["id"] = attribute.id;
  // same for xpos and ypos
  return attributeMap;
How to create a Dynamic Sequence based on another field?

How to create a Dynamic Sequence based on another field?

By : user1503906
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
With these it helps I want to create a dynamic sequence for products based on the field category_id. I've added a category_code in product.category. But once I call it inside the create function, it returns False: , Try like this:
code :
class ProductProduct(models.Model):
_inherit = 'product.product'

     def create(self, vals):
         record=super(ProductProduct, self).create(vals) 
         if 'default_code' not in vals or vals['default_code'] == '/':
             sequence = self.env.ref('product_sequence.seq_product_auto')
             print record.categ_id.category_code
             record.default_code =record.categ_id.category_code + sequence.next_by_id()
         return record
Create Custom Sequence

Create Custom Sequence

By : user2016431
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
it helps some times I need to create a Custom Sequence which should create sequence for below ranges XV00AA-XV99ZZ and many other ranges , This should do the trick.
code :
DECLARE @how_many_do_you_want INT = 67599;  -- 67599 is where it runs out of legit values.

    cte_n1 (n) AS (SELECT 1 FROM (VALUES (1),(1),(1),(1),(1),(1),(1),(1),(1),(1)) n (n)), 
    cte_n2 (n) AS (SELECT 1 FROM cte_n1 a CROSS JOIN cte_n1 b),
    cte_n3 (n) AS (SELECT 1 FROM cte_n2 a CROSS JOIN cte_n2 b),
    cte_Tally (n) AS (
        SELECT TOP (@how_many_do_you_want)
            cte_n3 a CROSS JOIN cte_n3 b
    rn = t.n,
    CONCAT('XV', cn.char_num, a.alpha_1, a.alpha_2)
    cte_Tally t
    CROSS APPLY ( VALUES (t.n % 100) ) m (mod_100)
    CROSS APPLY ( VALUES (((t.n - m.mod_100) / 100) % 26 + 1) ) g1 (group_1)
    CROSS APPLY ( VALUES (t.n / 2600 + 1) ) g2 (group_2)
    CROSS APPLY ( VALUES (RIGHT(CONCAT('0', m.mod_100), 2)) ) cn (char_num)
    CROSS APPLY ( VALUES (CHAR(g1.group_1 + 64), CHAR(g2.group_2 + 64)) ) a (alpha_1, alpha_2);
How can I create custom dynamic data mask function in SQL Server?

How can I create custom dynamic data mask function in SQL Server?

By : venkat karthikeyan
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
like below fixes the issue SQL Server hasn't the ability to define a custom function for masking. You can try another tool for DDM as DataSunrise. DataSunrise works as reverse proxy and can rewrite SQL on the fly for data masking purpose
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