Stream is closing in twitter4j (Hadoop- flume)

Stream is closing in twitter4j (Hadoop- flume)

By : kidding_nana
Date : November 20 2020, 11:01 PM
I wish this helpful for you The twitter streaming API has been experiencing problems since the attack on DYN the 21st of October. These have been reported on the twitter developer forum, and twitter staff are aware of the issue: https://twittercommunity.com/t/issues-reported-with-streams-since-10-21/76429.
As of yet, there is not a clear answer for what the cause of the problem is, but the observed behaviour is that connections to any of Twitter's streaming endpoints get closed after short periods of time, normally (although not always) without receiving any data. Sometimes the connection gets closed whilst sending the response resulting in invalid JSON.
code :

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Detect closing stream of twitter4j

Detect closing stream of twitter4j

By : Rajendra IWT Develop
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
With these it helps The static keyword means that the m_hadoopFileSystem variable will be shared by all instances of the class, however it does not prevent you from assigning the variable multiple times. Currently you will get a new HadoopFileSystem each time you instantiate an TweetHADOOPDAO object, overwriting the reference to any existing HadoopFileSystem objects.
If you truly need to ensure only one instance is created, take a look at using the singleton pattern.
How to prevent hadoop stream from closing?

How to prevent hadoop stream from closing?

By : 飞奔的茶叶蛋
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I hope this helps you . As I can infer from the comments below, you can probably do this in each of the map() function to make things easy. I saw you do the following, to pre-create some idle threads. You can move the following code to
code :
if (once) {
  for (MSLiteThread thread : Threads) {
     System.out.println("created thread");
     thread = new MSLiteThread(pile);
once = false;
public static class Map extends MapReduceBase implements
            Mapper<LongWritable, Text, Text, Text> {
    public void configure(JobConf job) {
       for (MSLiteThread thread : Threads) {
         System.out.println("created thread");
         thread = new MSLiteThread(pile);

    public void map(LongWritable key, Text value,
       OutputCollector<Text, Text> output, Reporter reporter) {

 public static class Map extends MapReduceBase implements
                Mapper<LongWritable, Text, Text, Text> {

            public void map(LongWritable key, Text value,
                OutputCollector<Text, Text> output, Reporter reporter) {

                String url = value.toString();
                StringTokenizer urls = new StringTokenizer(url);
                Config.LoggerProvider = LoggerProvider.DISABLED;

            //setting countdownlatch to urls.countTokens() to block off that many threads.
            final CountDownLatch latch = new CountDownLatch(urls.countTokens());
            while (urls.hasMoreTokens()) {
                try {
                    String currenturl = word.toString();
                    //create thread and fire for current URL here
                    thread = new URLProcessingThread(currentURL, latch);
                } catch (Exception e) {


          latch.await();//wait for 16 threads to complete execution
          //sleep here for sometime if you wish


public class URLProcessingThread implments Runnable {
    CountDownLatch latch;
    URL url;
    public  URLProcessingThread(URL url,  CountDownLatch latch){
       this.latch = latch;
       this.url = url;
    void run() {
         //process url here
         //after everything finishes decrement the latch
         latch.countDown();//reduce count of CountDownLatch by 1

Authentication Error Twitter4J at Flume

Authentication Error Twitter4J at Flume

By : Brian Roundy
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
will help you You have added your consumer key and secret in the TwitterSourceConstants.java? If you have done this you should reverse this editing. The informations have to be in the flume.conf file. There is an example at twitter_flume. Look in the flume sources folder, there is the flume.conf file.
Hope it helps
Flume not processing keywords from Twitter source with flume-ng with Hadoop 2.5 cdh5.3

Flume not processing keywords from Twitter source with flume-ng with Hadoop 2.5 cdh5.3

By : Narendra
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
around this issue You are missing ".sources" property of the agent. How can Flume-ng work without knowing the source? You are missing following line.
code :
TwitterAgent.sources = Twitter
TwitterAgent.sources = Twitter
TwitterAgent.sinks = HDFS
TwitterAgent.channels = MemChannel
TwitterAgent.sources = Twitter
TwitterAgent.channels = MemChannel
TwitterAgent.sinks = HDFS

#TwitterAgent.sources.Twitter.type = com.cloudera.flume.source.TwitterSource
TwitterAgent.sources.Twitter.type = org.apache.flume.source.twitter.TwitterSource
TwitterAgent.sources.Twitter.channels = MemChannel

TwitterAgent.sources.Twitter.consumerKey = xxxxx
TwitterAgent.sources.Twitter.consumerSecret = xxxxxx
TwitterAgent.sources.Twitter.accessToken = xxxxx
TwitterAgent.sources.Twitter.accessTokenSecret = xxxxx

TwitterAgent.sources.Twitter.keywords = hadoop, big data, analytics, bigdata, cloudera, data science, data scientiest, business intelligence, mapreduce, data warehouse, data warehousing, mahout, hbase, nosql, newsql, businessintelligence, cloudcomputing

TwitterAgent.sinks.HDFS.channel = MemChannel
TwitterAgent.sinks.HDFS.type = hdfs
TwitterAgent.sinks.HDFS.hdfs.path = hdfs://uat.cloudera:8020/user/root/flume/
    TwitterAgent.sinks.HDFS.hdfs.fileType = DataStream
TwitterAgent.sinks.HDFS.hdfs.writeFormat = Text
TwitterAgent.sinks.HDFS.hdfs.batchSize = 10
TwitterAgent.sinks.HDFS.hdfs.rollSize = 0
TwitterAgent.sinks.HDFS.hdfs.rollCount = 10

TwitterAgent.channels.MemChannel.type = memory
TwitterAgent.channels.MemChannel.capacity = 10
TwitterAgent.channels.MemChannel.transactionCapacity = 10
TwitterAgent.sinks.HDFS.hdfs.batchSize = 10
TwitterAgent.sinks.HDFS.hdfs.rollCount = 10
TwitterAgent.channels.MemChannel.capacity = 10
TwitterAgent.channels.MemChannel.transactionCapacity = 10
flume-ng agent -c /etc/flume-ng/conf -f /etc/flume-ng/conf/sample.conf -n TwitterAgent -Dflume.root.logger=INFO,console
2015-09-25 13:44:18,045 (lifecycleSupervisor-1-4) [INFO - org.apache.flume.source.twitter.TwitterSource.start(TwitterSource.java:139)] Twitter source Twitter started.
2015-09-25 13:44:18,045 (Twitter Stream consumer-1[initializing]) [INFO - twitter4j.internal.logging.SLF4JLogger.info(SLF4JLogger.java:83)] Establishing connection.
2015-09-25 13:44:19,931 (Twitter Stream consumer-1[Establishing connection]) [INFO - twitter4j.internal.logging.SLF4JLogger.info(SLF4JLogger.java:83)] Connection established.
2015-09-25 13:44:19,931 (Twitter Stream consumer-1[Establishing connection]) [INFO - twitter4j.internal.logging.SLF4JLogger.info(SLF4JLogger.java:83)] Receiving status stream.
2015-09-25 13:44:20,283 (SinkRunner-PollingRunner-DefaultSinkProcessor) [INFO - org.apache.flume.sink.hdfs.HDFSDataStream.configure(HDFSDataStream.java:58)] Serializer = TEXT, UseRawLocalFileSystem = false
2015-09-25 13:44:20,557 (SinkRunner-PollingRunner-DefaultSinkProcessor) [INFO - org.apache.flume.sink.hdfs.BucketWriter.open(BucketWriter.java:261)] Creating hdfs://uat.cloudera:8020/user/root/flume/FlumeData.1443213860284.tmp
2015-09-25 13:44:22,435 (Twitter4J Async Dispatcher[0]) [INFO - org.apache.flume.source.twitter.TwitterSource.onStatus(TwitterSource.java:178)] Processed 100 docs
2015-09-25 13:44:25,383 (Twitter4J Async Dispatcher[0]) [INFO - org.apache.flume.source.twitter.TwitterSource.onStatus(TwitterSource.java:178)] Processed 200 docs
2015-09-25 13:44:28,178 (Twitter4J Async Dispatcher[0]) [INFO - org.apache.flume.source.twitter.TwitterSource.onStatus(TwitterSource.java:178)] Processed 300 docs
2015-09-25 13:44:30,505 (SinkRunner-PollingRunner-DefaultSinkProcessor) [INFO - org.apache.flume.sink.hdfs.BucketWriter.close(BucketWriter.java:413)] Closing hdfs://uat.cloudera:8020/user/root/flume/FlumeData.1443213860284.tmp
2015-09-25 13:44:30,506 (hdfs-HDFS-call-runner-2) [INFO - org.apache.flume.sink.hdfs.BucketWriter$3.call(BucketWriter.java:339)] Close tries incremented
2015-09-25 13:44:30,526 (hdfs-HDFS-call-runner-3) [INFO - org.apache.flume.sink.hdfs.BucketWriter$8.call(BucketWriter.java:673)] Renaming hdfs://uat.cloudera:8020/user/root/flume/FlumeData.1443213860284.tmp to hdfs://uat.cloudera:8020/user/root/flume/FlumeData.1443213860284
2015-09-25 13:44:30,607 (SinkRunner-PollingRunner-DefaultSinkProcessor) [INFO - org.apache.flume.sink.hdfs.BucketWriter.open(BucketWriter.java:261)] Creating hdfs://uat.cloudera:8020/user/root/flume/FlumeData.1443213860285.tmp
2015-09-25 13:44:31,157 (Twitter4J Async Dispatcher[0]) [INFO - org.apache.flume.source.twitter.TwitterSource.onStatus(TwitterSource.java:178)] Processed 400 docs
2015-09-25 13:44:33,330 (Twitter4J Async Dispatcher[0]) [INFO - org.apache.flume.source.twitter.TwitterSource.onStatus(TwitterSource.java:178)] Processed 500 docs
2015-09-25 13:44:36,131 (Twitter4J Async Dispatcher[0]) [INFO - org.apache.flume.source.twitter.TwitterSource.onStatus(TwitterSource.java:178)] Processed 600 docs
2015-09-25 13:44:38,298 (Twitter4J Async Dispatcher[0]) [INFO - org.apache.flume.source.twitter.TwitterSource.onStatus(TwitterSource.java:178)] Processed 700 docs
2015-09-25 13:44:40,465 (Twitter4J Async Dispatcher[0]) [INFO - org.apache.flume.source.twitter.TwitterSource.onStatus(TwitterSource.java:178)] Processed 800 docs
2015-09-25 13:44:41,158 (SinkRunner-PollingRunner-DefaultSinkProcessor) [INFO - org.apache.flume.sink.hdfs.BucketWriter.close(BucketWriter.java:413)] Closing hdfs://uat.cloudera:8020/user/root/flume/FlumeData.1443213860285.tmp
2015-09-25 13:44:41,158 (hdfs-HDFS-call-runner-6) [INFO - org.apache.flume.sink.hdfs.BucketWriter$3.call(BucketWriter.java:339)] Close tries incremented
2015-09-25 13:44:41,166 (hdfs-HDFS-call-runner-7) [INFO - org.apache.flume.sink.hdfs.BucketWriter$8.call(BucketWriter.java:673)] Renaming hdfs://uat.cloudera:8020/user/root/flume/FlumeData.1443213860285.tmp to hdfs://uat.cloudera:8020/user/root/flume/FlumeData.1443213860285
2015-09-25 13:44:41,230 (SinkRunner-PollingRunner-DefaultSinkProcessor) [INFO - org.apache.flume.sink.hdfs.BucketWriter.open(BucketWriter.java:261)] Creating hdfs://uat.cloudera:8020/user/root/flume/FlumeData.1443213860286.tmp
2015-09-25 13:44:43,238 (Twitter4J Async Dispatcher[0]) [INFO - org.apache.flume.source.twitter.TwitterSource.onStatus(TwitterSource.java:178)] Processed 900 docs
2015-09-25 13:44:46,118 (Twitter4J Async Dispatcher[0]) [INFO - org.apache.flume.source.twitter.TwitterSource.onStatus(TwitterSource.java:178)] Processed 1,000 docs
2015-09-25 13:44:46,118 (Twitter4J Async Dispatcher[0]) [INFO - org.apache.flume.source.twitter.TwitterSource.logStats(TwitterSource.java:300)] Total docs indexed: 1,000, total skipped docs: 0
2015-09-25 13:44:46,118 (Twitter4J Async Dispatcher[0]) [INFO - org.apache.flume.source.twitter.TwitterSource.logStats(TwitterSource.java:302)]     35 docs/second
2015-09-25 13:44:46,118 (Twitter4J Async Dispatcher[0]) [INFO - org.apache.flume.source.twitter.TwitterSource.logStats(TwitterSource.java:304)] Run took 28 seconds and processed:
2015-09-25 13:44:46,118 (Twitter4J Async Dispatcher[0]) [INFO - org.apache.flume.source.twitter.TwitterSource.logStats(TwitterSource.java:306)]     0.009 MB/sec sent to index
2015-09-25 13:44:46,119 (Twitter4J Async Dispatcher[0]) [INFO - org.apache.flume.source.twitter.TwitterSource.logStats(TwitterSource.java:308)]     0.255 MB text sent to index
2015-09-25 13:44:46,119 (Twitter4J Async Dispatcher[0]) [INFO - org.apache.flume.source.twitter.TwitterSource.logStats(TwitterSource.java:310)] There were 0 exceptions ignored:
^C2015-09-25 13:44:46,666 (agent-shutdown-hook) [INFO - org.apache.flume.lifecycle.LifecycleSupervisor.stop(LifecycleSupervisor.java:79)] Stopping lifecycle supervisor 10
2015-09-25 13:44:46,673 (agent-shutdown-hook) [INFO - org.apache.flume.source.twitter.TwitterSource.stop(TwitterSource.java:150)] Twitter source Twitter stopping...
Error: Could not find or load main class org.apache.flume.node.Application - Install flume on hadoop version 1.2.1

Error: Could not find or load main class org.apache.flume.node.Application - Install flume on hadoop version 1.2.1

By : Boylife MJ Thailand
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
wish of those help I have built a hadoop cluster which 1 master-slave node and the other is slave. And now, I wanna build a flume to get all log of the cluster on master machine. However, when I try to install flume from tarball and I always get: Error: Could not find or load main class org.apache.flume.node.Application So, please help me to find the answer, or the best way to install flume on my cluster. many thanks! , It is basically because of FLUME_HOME..
Try this command
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