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Trying to get a variable equal to other variables in C

By : Hakou Loulachi
Date : October 18 2020, 01:08 AM
it should still fix some issue There are several problems with your code. randSYMB1 will have a value of 0 to 3, none of which corresponds to the ascii values of /*+-.
Change the if statements to:
code :
if (randSYMB1==0)
char c;
if(c == "x")
if(c == 'x')
correct_answer=randNUM1/randNUM2 || randNUM1*randNUM2 ||
        randNUM1+randNUM2 || randNUM1-randNUM2;
      printf("%c", "0123456789"[randNUM1]);
      printf("%d", randNUM1);
      randNUM1 = rand()%10; 
      printf("%d", randNUM1);
      randSYMB1 = rand()%4; 
      printf("%c", "/*+-"[randSYMB1]);
      randNUM2 = rand()%10; 
      printf("%d\n", randNUM2);
      printf("What is your answer?");
      scanf("%d", &answer);

          if (randSYMB1==0)
          else if (randSYMB1==1)
          else if (randSYMB1==2)
          else if (randSYMB1==3)
          printf("The correct answer is %d\n", correct_answer);
          if(answer == correct_answer)
          printf("Your score is %d\n", score);

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c++ class setter sets variables different when argumentname and variable name are equal

By : user3255588
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
may help you .
Why does the code behave like this, when using the name for the variable which I like to modify and the argument name?
code :
this->doors = doors;

How do I check for a variable to be equal to multiple other variables?

By : Howcrio
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
this one helps. Here is a solution with FOR loop extendable to almost any number of acceptable user's reply:
code :
    rem remove variable _match 
set "_match="
set /p FILEINPUT="1, 2 or 3?"
    rem check whether user's reply is in (1 2) set
for %%G in (1 2) do if "%FILEINPUT%"=="%%~G" set "_match=%%~G"
if defined _match ( 
      echo do this command: "if" branch
) else ( 
      echo do this command: "else" branch 
    rem remove variable _match 
set "_match="
set /p "FILEINPUT=one of main menu items at stackoverflow.com: "

    rem format user's reply
    rem two-words maximally: remove redundant white spaces
for /F "tokens=1,2*" %%G in ("%FILEINPUT%") Do (
        rem echo [%%~G] [%%~H] [%%~I]
    if "%%~I"=="" if "%%~H"=="" (
        set "FILEINPUT=%%~G"
    ) else (
        set "FILEINPUT=%%~G %%~H"

    rem check whether user's reply is right
for %%G in ( 
  Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered "Ask Question" 
) do (
    if /I "%FILEINPUT%"=="%%~G" set "_match=%%~G"

if defined _match ( 
    echo "if" branch [%FILEINPUT%]==[%_match%]
    goto :next
) else ( 
    echo "else" branch [%FILEINPUT%]
    if not "%FILEINPUT%"=="" goto :again
one of main menu items at stackoverflow.com:        ask     questiO N
"else" branch [       ask     questiO N     ]
one of main menu items at stackoverflow.com:        ask     questiON
"if" branch [ask questiON]==[Ask Question]

one of main menu items at stackoverflow.com: TAGGS
"else" branch [TAGGS]
one of main menu items at stackoverflow.com: TAGS
"if" branch [TAGS]==[Tags] 

Dummy variable where two continuous variables are equal in R?

By : helpcodingpls
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
will help you Data set cwm looks like this
code :
df = read.table(text="V1  V2
1   2
3   5
4   4
NA 9
header = TRUE, na.strings="NA")

V3 = as.numeric(df$V1 == df$V2)
[1]  0  0  1 NA NA

df2 = read.table(text="V3  V5
1   0
1   0
0   0
1   1",
header = TRUE)

V6 = df2$V3 + df2$V5 + 1
[1] 2 2 1 3

I cant set 2 variables to - each other and equal a third variable in swift

By : fraupola
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Does that help == is for checking if two values are equal. = is for assigning a new value to a variable.
Just like when you define a new variable, the destination is on the left and the new value is on the right.
code :
var warmup: Int = 60
nexx = count - warmup

PHP check if a variable is equal to one of three other variables

By : user3567639
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
To fix the issue you can do This condition will be true if a is equal to any or more of the three variables.
code :
if($a==$b || $a==$c || $a == $d)
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