Plotting multiple stacked bar graph given a pandas dataframe in Python

Plotting multiple stacked bar graph given a pandas dataframe in Python

By : Edward Bailey
Date : October 17 2020, 03:08 PM
this will help There are a few things that I would like to express in a bar chart and have no clue about doing it using basic graphing techniques in matplotlib. I have a dataframe which is shown below and would like to obtain a bar chart as described below. The x-axis is based on the the Type column of the dataframe and within a single bar, the different colors are based on the Name column and the size of the bar is defined by the Count number. The color of the different names need not to be the same across different types, as long as the colors within a single bar is different. , You can use pivot and then plot
code :
df.pivot('Type', 'Name', 'Count').plot(kind = 'bar', stacked = True,  color = ['b','g','orange','m', 'r'])
df.pivot('Type', 'Name', 'Count').sort_values(by = 'A', ascending = False, axis = 1)\
.plot(kind = 'bar', stacked = True, color = ['g','r','b','orange', 'm'])

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plotting stacked barplots on a pandas dataframe

plotting stacked barplots on a pandas dataframe

Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
With these it helps I've just implemented a stacked bar plot function in the git repository for pandas, will be part of the upcoming 0.7.3 release:
code :
In [7]: df
          a         b         c
0  0.425199  0.564161  0.727342
1  0.174849  0.071170  0.679178
2  0.224619  0.331846  0.468959
3  0.654766  0.189413  0.868011
4  0.617331  0.715088  0.387540
5  0.444001  0.069016  0.417990
6  0.203908  0.689652  0.227135
7  0.382930  0.874078  0.571042
8  0.658687  0.493955  0.245392
9  0.758986  0.385871  0.455357

In [8]: df.plot(kind='barh', stacked=True)
Plotting a pandas dataframe as stacked barchart with matplotlib. How to get rid of the overlapping?

Plotting a pandas dataframe as stacked barchart with matplotlib. How to get rid of the overlapping?

By : user4968244
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
will be helpful for those in need I havent got to any solution about this overlapping bars in the barchart, but I have found a Workaround that solves the problem for me.
Using a stackplot instead of barchart.
code :
   def plotResults(dfA):
    fig, (ax1,ax2) = plt.subplots(2, sharex=True, sharey=False)
    # Upper Chart
    # Linechart
    ax1.plot(dfA.index, dfA['LP1'], color='blue',alpha=0.7, label='LP1')
    # stackplot
    ax1.stackplot(dfA.index,dfA['b'],dfA['p'], label=['b', 'p'], colors=['green','red'] )   #stackplot labels do not show in Legend
    ax1.plot([], [], color='red', label='p', linewidth=10)      #dummy plots only to show labels in the legend
    ax1.plot([], [], color='green', label='b', linewidth=10)    #dummy plots only to show labels in the legend
    # Lower Chart - Residuals
    ax2.plot(dfA.index, dfA['Residual'], color='red',alpha=0.7, label='Residual')
Python Pandas: Plotting 100% stacked graph issue

Python Pandas: Plotting 100% stacked graph issue

By : Liu Jiechao
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Does that help The easiest way is to make a pivot table with the values you care about. Try something like this:
code :
tps = df5.pivot_table(values=['Total_Products_Sold'], 

tps = tps.div(tps.sum(1), axis=0)
tps.plot(kind='bar', stacked=True)
Plotting multiple lines from columns of Dataframe (python/pandas)?

Plotting multiple lines from columns of Dataframe (python/pandas)?

By : Hareesh Singh
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
will help you You can use pandas.core.groupby.DataFrameGroupBy.plot
code :
In[1]: import pandas as pd

In[2]: import numpy as np

In[3]: dataset = pd.DataFrame({"Age": np.random.random_integers(1, 5, 100), "Wavelength": np.random.uniform(90, 100, 100), "Luminosity": np.random.random_integers(5, 15, 100) * 10})

In[4]: dataset.groupby("Age").plot(x="Wavelength", y="Luminosity", kind="scatter")
1    Axes(0.125,0.1;0.775x0.8)
2    Axes(0.125,0.1;0.775x0.8)
3    Axes(0.125,0.1;0.775x0.8)
4    Axes(0.125,0.1;0.775x0.8)
5    Axes(0.125,0.1;0.775x0.8)
dtype: object
Pandas dataframe | groupby plotting | stacked and side by side graph

Pandas dataframe | groupby plotting | stacked and side by side graph

By : user3529967
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
wish of those help I am coming from R ggplot2 background and, and bit confused in matplotlib plot
code :
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

languages = ['en','cs','es', 'pt', 'hi', 'en', 'es', 'es']
counties = ['us','ch','sp', 'br', 'in', 'fr', 'ar', 'pr']
count = [32, 432,43,55,6,23,455,23]
df = pd.DataFrame({'language': languages,'county': counties, 'count' : count})

modified = {}
modified['language'] = np.unique(df.language)
country_count = []
total_count = []
for x in modified['language']:

modified['country_count'] = country_count
modified['total_count'] = total_count

mod_df = pd.DataFrame(modified)

ind = mod_df.language
width = 0.35 

p1 = plt.bar(ind,mod_df.total_count, width)
p2 = plt.bar(ind,mod_df.country_count, width,

plt.ylabel("Total count")
plt.legend((p1[0], p2[0]), ('Total Count', 'Country Count'))
  language  country_count  total_count
0       cs              1          432
1       en              2           55
2       es              3          521
3       hi              1            6
4       pt              1           55
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