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The file "prueba.jpeg" was not uploaded due to an unknown error

By : S.ly2012
Date : October 17 2020, 01:08 AM
like below fixes the issue This is the solution, the problem was in two parts.
First in the form it is necessary to change the form to this:
code :
use Vich\UploaderBundle\Form\Type\VichFileType;
use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\File\File;

          ->add('imageFile', VichFileType::class)
          ->add('save', SubmitType::class, array(
                     "attr" => array(
                     "class" => "save"
public function crearequiposAction(Request $request) {
        $equipo = new Equipos();
        $form = $this->createForm(EquiposType::class, $equipo);


        if ($form->isSubmitted()) {
            if ($form->isValid()) {
                $em = $this->getDoctrine()->getManager();
                $flush = $em->flush();
                    if ($flush == null) {
                        $status = "Equipo registrado correctamente";
                        $this->session->getFlashBag()->add("status", $status);
                        return $this->redirectToRoute("listado-torneos");
                    } else {
                        $status = "No se registro equipo";
            } else {
                $status = "No se registro equipo";
            $this->session->getFlashBag()->add("status", $status);
        return $this->render('AppBundle:Equipos:informacionequipos.html.twig', array(
                    "form" => $form->createView()

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"gd-jpeg, libjpeg: recoverable error: Premature end of JPEG file" in Codeigniter

By : 孔令涛
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
wish help you to fix your issue The problem is that error suppression is not turned on for the function imagecreatefromjpeg
The best option is to extend the base library and overload the image_create_gd method
code :
<?php  if ( ! defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed');

Class MY_Image_lib extends CI_Image_Lib {

function image_create_gd($path = '', $image_type = '')
    if ($path == '')
        $path = $this->full_src_path;

    if ($image_type == '')
        $image_type = $this->image_type;

    switch ($image_type)
        case     1 :
                    if ( ! function_exists('imagecreatefromgif'))
                        $this->set_error(array('imglib_unsupported_imagecreate', 'imglib_gif_not_supported'));
                        return FALSE;

                    return @imagecreatefromgif($path);
        case 2 :
                    if ( ! function_exists('imagecreatefromjpeg'))
                        $this->set_error(array('imglib_unsupported_imagecreate', 'imglib_jpg_not_supported'));
                        return FALSE;

                    return @imagecreatefromjpeg($path);
        case 3 :
                    if ( ! function_exists('imagecreatefrompng'))
                        $this->set_error(array('imglib_unsupported_imagecreate', 'imglib_png_not_supported'));
                        return FALSE;

                    return @imagecreatefrompng($path);


    return FALSE;


What does "ERROR interpreting JPEG image file( invalid JPEG file structure :SOS before SOF)" mean?

By : user3397652
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Hope this helps The Start of Frame (SOF) market defines the structure of the image. A start of scan marker contains compressed image data. You need to know the size of the image (SOF) in order to expand the compressed data (SOS).
It sounds like your streams are missing the SOF marker.

Symfony 3.0 Error: The file "IMG_20160305_155302.jpg" was not uploaded due to an unknown error

By : A Fitz
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
fixed the issue. Will look into that further The UploadedFile Instance somehow was not setup corectly in controller.
In order to get the file Input I made this class:
code :
namespace AppBundle\Helpers;

use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\File\UploadedFile;

class MyUploadedFile
  *Storing Uploaded Files
  private $files=null;

  function __construct($string)



        *Sanitizing When Multiple Files
        foreach($files as $key=>$val)
          foreach($val as $key2=>$val2)

        foreach($tmp_files as $val)
          $this->files[]=new UploadedFile($val['tmp_name'],$val['name'],$val['type'],$val['size'],$val['error']);

        $this->files= new UploadedFile($files['tmp_name'],$files['name'],$files['type'],$files['size'],$files['error']);

  *@return {UploadedFile} Or {Array of UploadedFile} or null
  public function getFiles()
    return $this->files;
 $this->files= new UploadedFile($files['tmp_name'],$files['name'],$files['type'],$files['size'],$files['error']);

$this->files[]=new UploadedFile($val['tmp_name'],$val['name'],$val['type'],$val['size'],$val['error']);

Gstreamer udpsrc error "reason error (-5)" due to "Invalid JPEG file structure: two SOF markers"

By : Deepu Krishnan
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
seems to work fine I finally found a solution to my problem basing my modifications on this article:
Play two webcams in MJPG format simultaneously using gstreamer
code :
gst-launch-1.0 udpsrc port=53247 ! 'image/jpeg,width=640,height=480,framerate=30/1' ! jpegparse ! jpegdec ! autovideosink sync=false

The file "image.jpg" was not uploaded due to an unknown error in laravel while uploading two images

By : Tiernan Gilmartin
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Does that help I have problem in uploading more than one images in Laravel. When I browse and choose one images then it working fine. But When I browse and choose two images then I got the error 'The file "image.jpg" was not uploaded due to an unknown error.' , Code for image 2 upload :
code :
$featured_1 = $request->file('image_1');
$path_1     = null;
if (isset($featured_1)) {
    $path_1       = "images/";
    $year_folder  = $path . date("Y");
    $month_folder = $year_folder . '/' . date("m");
    $path_1       = "images/";
    $image_name_2 = time() . '.' . $featured_1->getClientOriginalName();
    $path_1       = $month_folder . '/' . $image_name_2;
    $featured->move(public_path($month_folder), $image_name_2);
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